San Jose, California, – June 28, 2021 – VLSI System Design (VSD), the leading supporter of open source-chip design, today announced that it has joined the Open Source FPGA (OSFPGA) Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on accelerating worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology, as a corporate member. VSD and the OSFPGA Foundation will work together to promote open-source design and capabilities and provide education and training to companies, universities, and individuals.

The OSFPGA Foundation has established itself as the leading driver of democratization of FPGA technology and has been working on advancing and broadening open-source FPGA capabilities since its inception in April. The Foundation’s mission is to accelerate worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology through the proliferation of open-source FPGA and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) fabrics and associated tooling.

“We are excited to be a part of the Open Source FPGA Foundation,” said Kunal Ghosh, Founder of VLSI System Design. “Together, we plan to expand our program horizons in research design and provide an improved learning experience to our community by helping students plan and enhance their designs.”

“VSD is a trailblazer in VLSI Design and will be playing a key role on our Education & Training Committee and other initiatives” said Dr. Shrikant Lohokare, CEO of OSFPGA Foundation. “It is great to have them as a corporate member of the OSFPGA Foundation.”

About VLSI System Design
VLSI System Design (VSD) leads a community of millions where the mission of open-source learning and collaboration is the key factor to building and developing a chip. VSD offers its community members the freedom to design a chip and learn through innovation, exploration, inquiry, and shared experiences using proven methodologies and tools to create technology. VSD partners with open-source developers in the hardware domain to build the VSDFlow that provides the required platform to community members for designing a chip at zero dollars. Open-source developers choose to partner with VSD for their approach in building a content-centric and research-oriented flow to build a design and community. To learn more about VSD, please visit

About Open-Source FPGA Foundation
The Open Source FPGA Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with a vision and mission of accelerating the worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology as an integral component of semiconductors in the Autonomous & Ubiquitous Intelligence Age through the proliferation of open-source FPGA and eFPGA fabrics and associated tooling, to lower the barriers of entry. To learn more about the OSFPGA Foundation, please visit

Press Contact:

Anagha Ghosh
VLSI System Design

Diana Kandah
Open Source FPGA Foundation