Tape Out World – A Fireside Chat with the Open-Source FPGA Foundation

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Semiconductors have been the backbone of technology markets with current and foreseeable demand being unprecedented. However, innovations and market implementations of chip designs have been prohibitively costly and slow historically, especially for universities and research institutions. The OSFPGA Foundation’s game changing “Tape Out World” Initiative in collaboration with Efabless removes these barriers in a step toward addressing global market needs for democratizing silicon


In this webinar, you can learn about:

  • How YOU can design and tape out your own chip end-to-end within just few weeks from design to rapid prototyping and verification.
  • The eFabless ChipIgnite Rapid IC Creation engine, carrier chip, integrated toolchain, automated design flows, and available technology platforms.
  • Successful Research and Commercial chip design projects that have effectively used the MPW shuttle programs.
  • Naveed Sherwani, Chairman, Global Semiconductor Group
  • Mohamed Kassem, Founder and CTO, Efabless

Shrikant Lohokare, CEO, OSFPGA Foundation