OSFPGA Foundation Education & Training Committee

The OSFPGA Foundation Education & Training Committee and Task Groups will be driven by the vision and mission of the foundation and will support the Education & Training activities by the creation of, and ultimately, the execution of foundation Education & Training plans and deliverables. The OSFPGA Foundation is an organization driven by our membership, and our intent is to ensure all community members have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the Education & Training activities of the Foundation. We will encourage the Committees to collect and represent the member’s ideas and needs.


The Education & Training Committee Chair works directly with the OSFPGA membership who join the Education & Training Committee. With this policy, we have defined the roles of our existing committees, and we have a fair and clear way to evaluate new groups and chair and vice-chair nominees.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Education & Training Committee seeks to educate and train students as well as professional members of the OSFPGA foundation and general technology community worldwide about Open Source FPGAs, generate awareness and widespread adoption of Open Source FPGA Technologies. Examples of Education & Training Committee focus areas and responsibilities include, but are not limited to basic education and training, programs and events, and material development.

Basic Education and Training includes:

  • Modular and Online Courses for Students and Professionals
  • Training Classes complementing academic coursework
  • Training Programs for Users and Developers

Programs and Events include

  • Training Webinars
  • Training Sessions and Workshops at Events/Conferences
  • MPW Shuttle Programs for Tape Outs
  • nternship Programs

Material Development include:

  • Tools (end-to-end)
  • Methodologies
  • Design Flows
  • Publications including books, multimedia content, etc

Responsibilities of the Members

The success of the Education & Training Committee is determined by the members. As a member of the Committee, you are expected to provide input into and feedback on the strategic Education & Training plan, OSFPGA Foundation Education& Training activities, and contribute to the overall execution of Education & Training efforts.


  • Curate existing content, such as course/ learning materials & tools. Provide feedback on content to help ensure the content is aligned with the foundation’s vision, mission and strategy, clear, and comprehensive
  • Gather feedback from the community on basic education and training needs that will help drive goals and objectives.
  • Recommend, collaborate on design and delivery of education/training programs and events.
  • Assist the marketing and membership committees with engaging members in education/training programs, projects, and related sponsorship opportunities.
  • Ensures that the logistics of Event participation is managed appropriately and marketed effectively.
  • Assist Chair and Co-Chair in managing a portfolio of education/training programs and global roadmap that brings consistent, high quality education/training, aligned with and delivered to the interests of the community.

Contributing to the Education & Training Committee is open to all members of the OSFPGA Foundation. Ability to vote in the Education & Training Committee is consistent with the voting requirements of the OSFPGA Foundation as a whole

Responsibilities of the Chair

  • Collaborate with the CEO on the strategic Education& Training plan and goals.
  • Bring the voice of the member community into Education & Training plans.
  • Works with the CEO to prepare for the Education & Training committee meetings by providing agenda and discussion topics, reviewing content for the meeting, and bringing the member community voice to the meeting.
  • Leads and/or provides input and/or guidance to specific Education & Training tasks.
  • Guiding Education & Training partnerships opportunities with open source ecosystem players
  • Create collaboration opportunities with universities on complementary education program(s)/classes
  • Foster collaboration within the committee to achieve the Education & Training plan
  • Attend the Education & Training meetings,and participate in committee-led activities as much as possible.

The Education & Training Committee Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Education & Training Committee annually and with no term limits.They must be from a Premier, Corporate, or University Member.

Term and Election Process

Committee and Task Group chairs are elected for an annual term. There are no term limits.In this section “Candidates” refer to people who want to be considered for a position. “Nominees” are sent to the Education & Training Committee for approval. Existing Chairs and Vice Chairs may be candidates. Chairs must be non-individual members (Premier, Corporate, University). Vice Chairs can be individual members affiliated with a legal entity.

The election cycle is as follows:

  • Request for candidates by <date>
  • Candidates identified by <date + 14 days>
  • Nominees voted on at the next Education & Training Committee meeting

Who can vote

Any member of the marketing committee can vote.