OpenFPGA: Create Your Own FPGA with Open Source Tools Workshop


Aman Arora – Research Assistant at University of Texas, Austin

Nanditha Rao – Assistant Professor at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon – CTO, RapidSilicon

Xifan Tang – Chief Engineer, RapidSilicon


Sunday, May 15 from 12 – 3p.m., Eastern Time


This workshop will introduce the participants to OpenFPGA and showcase its capabilities and features through live demos. It will also provide them with hands-on training on how to use the OpenFPGA framework. It is targeted toward any FPGA enthusiasts and researchers who are interested in exploring novel FPGA architectures and/or fabricating their own custom FPGAs.


*Participants will receive a certification from the Open-Source FPGA Foundation for completing the hands-on training and attending the workshop.


What you will learn:
  • FPGA architects will learn how to efficiently implement FPGAs and generate layouts so that their architecture innovation can be quickly validated
  • FPGA toolchain developers will learn how to get Quality-of-Results (QoR) on realistic and novel FPGA fabrics
  • FPGA circuit designers will learn how to quickly integrate novel circuit components into FPGA fabrics and evaluate power, performance, and area
  • FPGA verification engineers will learn how to generate test benches that can be readily used for verification of the FPGA fabric
  • FPGA programmers will learn how to generate bitstreams for their Verilog designs and analyze timing and area results


At the end of the workshop
the participants will be able to:
  • Define a custom FPGA architecture using an XML-based architecture description language
  • Generate netlists and layout for these custom FPGAs using the OpenFPGA tool flow
  • Generate bitstreams for Verilog designs that can be configured for the custom FPGAs


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