Membership Benefits

  • Accelerated development, reduced risk through open source, ratified FPGA
  • Eligible to participate in workgroups, influence strategy, and adoption
  • Access to OSFPGA community and opportunity to engage, collaborate, and partner with OSFPGA network
  • Member logo/name listing on OSFPGA website, by member level
  • Event registration discount

Community Membership
  • All listed membership benefits
  • Elected Board seat(s) for universities only

For students, universities, startups (pre revenue / pre funding) and other individuals not representing a legal entity

Corporate Memberships
  • All listed membership benefits
  • Eligible for elected Board seat(s)

For organizations that want to participate and collaborate around an open sourced FPGA ecosystem and have a chance to join our Board

Premier Membership
  • All listed membership benefits
  • Guaranteed Board seat.

For organizations that want a seat at the table on the Board of Directors, speaking slots at events, and enhanced communications coverage

Guidelines for the Membership Application

  • Please fill the Membership Application form by clicking Sign Up.
  • Please download the Membership Agreement. You are required to upload a duly filled and signed copy of this agreement at the end of the application.
  • Please deposit your membership fee (if applicable) and send the receipts at You can view the fee details here.
  • If you have any questions, please direct them to