Introduction to OpenFPGA – A fully-customizable FPGA IP Generator & open-source toolchain initiative

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Watch the inaugural Open-Source FPGA Foundation webinar. This webinar will give a short introduction to the OSFPGA Foundation itself, including our vision and mission. We will then cover OpenFPGA, the award-winning open source FPGA IP Generator, followed by a specific case study applying OpenFPGA on SkyWater 130nm technology with QuickLogic.

  • Intro Open-Source FPGA (OSFPGA) Foundation – Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
  • Intro to the OpenFPGA, Open-Source FPGA IP generator – Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
  • Case Study on OpenFPGA with SkyWater 130nm technology – Xifan Tang and Ganesh Gore
  • Case Study on OpenFPGA and SkyWater 130nm technology with QuickLogic – Brian Faith
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, Associate Professor/Associate Chair, University of Utah
  • Xifan Tang,  Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah
  • Ganesh Gore RA, University of Utah
  • Brian Faith, President & CEO, QuickLogic