Salt Lake City, Utah, August 11, 2021 – The Open Source FPGA Foundation (OSFPGA Foundation), a non-profit organization focused on accelerating worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology, today announced that CWISE Microelectronics, a leading provider of hardware programmable SOCs, eFPGA IPs, and ASIC design services, is joining the OSFPGA Foundation as a corporate member. The OSFPGA Foundation is pleased to have CWISE Microelectronics support its mission on the adoption and advancement of open-source FPGAs.

“The OSFPGA’s open source EDA project shows very creative work. I’m glad to see some world renowned teams have already joined the course,” said Jia Yiping, CEO of CWISE Microelectronics. “CWISE also has an experienced FPGA EDA developing squad and is on its way to building state-of-the-art toolsets.”

“We share the same vision of democratizing the FPGA EDA technology and would like to set a new standard and a better platform for both the academic and industry world, together with the global talents of the OSFPGA Foundation in this field.” said Tu Kaihui, VP of Sales & Marketing of CWISE Microelectronics.

About Open-Source FPGA Foundation

The Open Source FPGA Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with a vision and mission of accelerating the worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology as an integral component of semiconductors in the Autonomous & Ubiquitous Intelligence Age through the proliferation of open-source FPGA and eFPGA fabrics and associated tooling, to lower the barriers of entry.  To learn more about the OSFPGA Foundation, please visit

About CWISE Microelectronics

CWISE Microelectronics is a spin-off company from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Rooted on more than 15 years’ research and development accomplishments towards the advanced FPGA technology from the System-on-Programmable-Chip Research Department, the company positions itself as a leading player in China to provide a wide range of hardware-programmable SoCs, eFPGA IPs, ASIC design services, and reconfigurable computing solutions targeting the emerging artificial intelligence (AI) market.

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