The Foundation

The Open-Source FPGA Foundation offers a set of free and open-source tools enabling fast prototyping for FPGA chips and automated EDA support, through open standard collaboration.

The Foundation aims to set FPGA companies free from engineering-labor intensive process in producing FPGA chips, give full freedom for software developers when customize FPGA software stacks and provide an open collaboration for FPGA end-users to implement high-quality designs.

The Open-Source FPGA Foundation will bring together companies, universities and individuals working on or interested in advancing open-source FPGA capabilities, establish the necessary cooperation channels, promote outreach and education, and coordinate joint efforts to enable easier collaboration around an open source FPGA ecosystem.

Board Members

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

The University of Utah

Vaughn Betz

The University of Toronto

Xifan Tang

Rapid Silicon

Serge Leef


Brian Faith


Dr. Shrikant Lohokare

CEO OSFPGA Foundation