Open-Source FPGA Foundation

The Open-Source FPGA Foundation will bring together companies, universities and individuals working on or interested in advancing open-source FPGA capabilities, establish the necessary cooperation channels, promote outreach and education, and coordinate joint efforts to enable easier collaboration around an open source FPGA ecosystem.

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Vision Statement 

The Open Source FPGA Foundation accelerates the worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology as an integral component of semiconductors in the Information Age through the proliferation of open-source FPGA & eFPGA fabrics and associated tooling, in order to lower the barriers of entry.

Mission Statement

  • Provide official resources and home to several open-source FPGA tools related to FPGA hardware and software, maintaining an online repository of associated documentation.
  • Promote adoption of these tools by organizing both online and live events.
  • Ensure responsible sustaining, evolving and open-sourcing of the tooling that enables cutting-edge FPGA architecture exploration, agile hardware and software developments.
  • Maintain a directory of public-domain FPGA architectures, CAD techniques and board designs, taken from publications and expired patents.
  • Produce and share training materials, to build a vibrant community that uses and contributes to the ecosystem.
  • Facilitate support from the semiconductor supply chain to enable cost and time-efficient means for testing and validating innovative FPGA architectures in hardware.

Board Members

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

The University of Utah

Vaughn Betz

The University of Toronto

Xifan Tang

Rapid Silicon

Serge Leef


Brian Faith


Dr. Shrikant Lohokare

CEO OSFPGA Foundation

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